Luvlee’s Residential Care, Inc. (LRC) DBA: New Dawn Group Home, provides a structure environment to young males, ages ten (10) to nineteen (19), in a home-like setting. LRC provides individual and group therapy tailored to meet each of our client’s needs.

We also offer:


LRC offers weekly in-house therapy, individually and in groups to each of our clients. The in-house therapist along with its team of therapeutic professionals are instrumental in assessing, and providing the necessary elements in the spectrum of care and the development of treatment goals. The focus of the services is to provide individualized treatment planning for clients and family therapy


LRC offers family therapy, which promotes the improvement of parenting skills, enhances the relationship between child and parent, identifies the barriers and maladaptive interactions and replaces them with effective tools or a positive outcome. LRC’s family therapy paves the way for reconnection to natural supports and increases the chance of a successful reintegration in to family life or lower setting.


LRC assist our clients with life skills training and transition plan if family reunification is not possible. Through life skills classes and trained employees, clients acquire the skills needed to ensure self-sufficiency, in order to maintain a conventional lifestyle upon leaving LRC.

Services Include:

  1. Participating in Life Skills Classes and Training program which include: financial literacy, nutrition and healthy food choices, grocery shopping, food and meal preparation, identifying a suitable home and home maintenance, automotive maintenance, educational and career development, obtaining health care, access to community resources, self-care, drug and alcohol awareness and prevention, safe sex and reproductive health information.

  2. LRC also assist our clients in obtaining birth certificates, social security cards and California identification cards.

  3. Completing job applications, resume writing, participating in mock interviews.

  4. Assistance in applying for trade school programs.

  5. Assistance in applying for college courses and financial aid assistance.

  6. Assistance in applying for Transitional Housing Programs or SILP.


LRC addresses all clients’ needs twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. LRC’s staff receives training upon hire and annually thereafter on crisis prevention and intervention. LRC goes by the principle of treating each client with dignity and respect when providing crisis prevention techniques. LRC also offers treatment planning and therapy for those who have problematic behaviors, and to enable the client to use positive coping techniques.


LRC’s offers educational assistance by monitoring clients/students’ progress and identifying clients/student’s needs. LRC’ s works with Title I and Foster Youth Services to provide clients with tutoring services and other programs to assist with students’ progress. LRC also utilizes an Education Coordinator who meets with school personnel, such as: academic counselors, teachers, special education teachers, principals, education specialists, education rights holders, and education liaisons. The Education Coordinator communicates with academic counselors and teachers to oversee students’ progress and participates in development of the students’ educational and IEP’s goals