Luvlee’s Residential Care, Inc. (LRC) was founded by Fredda Davis, who believe that every child, regardless of their background deserves a chance of a caring environment geared towards helping the child to thrive in life. LRC first opened in 1988 and has continuously operated since openings its doors to abused, abandoned, and neglected male teens. LRC has two (2) six bed facilities and is licensed to service a capacity of 12 male youth, ages 10-19. The facilities are located in San Bernardino and Los Angeles County and provide services to foster youth.


We are an RCL 11, all boys group home facility.


LRC is a residential treatment center for youth, ages ten (10) through nineteen (19) years old. We provide services to youth who have a history of placement failures, running away, property destruction, poor impulse control, and non-compliance and are not prepared for emancipation. All of our facilities are licensed by Community Care Licensing (CCL).


Luvlee’s Residential Care, Inc. (LRC) is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization dedicated to helping foster youth by promoting dignity and self-esteem, while providing them with a safe environment, independent life skills, therapy, employment training and educational assistance. Our goal is to provide the tools needed to help our clients to heal from their adversity, reunite with family, or, if family reunification is not possible, to become self-sufficient and obtain permanent housing.